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We believe in the power of good food and a warm place to eat it. Come enjoy fresh food, served with a warm smile.


Cafe More Steinvorth

A dream come true ; where the universe aligns, putting the right people and situations to have the opportunity to provide a harmonious space full of the best energy to taste a delicious coffee in the heart of the city, a building that would later become a cultural heritage   ;, in order to have the privilege of continuing to provide an excellent service with the best quality in our confectionery; always having as an essence that each visit to our premises is a pleasant experience because a cup of coffee is always accompanied by beautiful feelings, good ideas and new beginnings.

We hope to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Café More Curridabat 

In life we must always be reborn like the Phoenix, the pandemic affected us as a company and we went through difficult times but that is precisely where the strength of always moving forward and feeding the soul with new projects is born, our family becomes stronger and more united and thus the idea of Café More Curridabat was born, with all the essence that always in this place give flight to imagination, creativity, love, empathy but above all compassion, we hope that in this place where we melt the soul in each order received, magical moments happen for each of our clients.

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